The International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA) was founded in 1931.

Objectives of the IAWA
  • to create awareness of the place of wood anatomy in science, technology and conservation of natural resources, for the public good;
  • to exchange ideas and information through correspondence and meetings;
  • to facilitate collection, storage and exchange of research materials;
  • to provide rational bases for the consistent use of terminology in descriptions of wood and bark, and to cooperate with others having similar aims in other related fields of plant anatomy;
  • to stimulate the publication of scientific articles on wood anatomy and related fields (including bark anatomy, "woody" monocotyledons);
  • to encourage and assist the study and teaching of wood anatomy and related fields;
  • to promote research in wood anatomy and related fields and to engage in any other activity consistent with the objectives of the Association.
Governance of the IAWA
  • The Association is governed by an International Council of 12 elected members.
  • Each Council serves for a period of three years and Council members are eligible for a maximum of two consecutive terms.
  • The IAWA Council appoints an Executive Secretary for the day-to-day management of the Association.