About 600 scientists in over 60 countries are IAWA members. In the association knowledge and experience are freely exchanged. For almost 90 years the association has promoted contacts between scientists from such diverse disciplines as botany, forestry, wood technology, archaeology, and forensic science. International meetings are regularly organized by the IAWA, often in cooperation with the International Union of Forestry Research Organisations or with regional or international Botanical Societies.

Members receive a free subscription to the only international periodical entirely devoted to wood and bark structure, the IAWA Journal (ISSN 0928-1541). This independently refereed publication can also be used by members as a vehicle for the publication of news items and requests for materials or information. It is published quarterly. There are no page charges for authors, except for colour plates.

Annual Membership includes:
  • 4 issues of the IAWA Journal per year (hard copy)
  • articles covering all aspects, fundamental and applied, of wood and bark structure
  • wood anatomy news items such as meeting announcements, requests and offers for/of wood samples, etc.
  • comprehensive book reviews of literature dealing with wood anatomy
  • when you publish in IAWA Journal, you have no page charges!