The IAWA Journal is an international periodical publishing original papers and review articles on any subject related with the microscopic structure of wood and bark of stems and roots of woody plants (including palms and bamboo). Apart from anatomy per se, subjects at the interface of microstructure and developmental genetics, systematics, palaeobotany, archaeology, tree biology, forestry, structure-property relations of timber, biomechanics, wood identification, etc. etc. are welcomed.

IAWA Journal Manuscript Submissions via the Editorial Management System of Brill Publishers

Prospective authors of manuscripts for IAWA Journal articles should submit their manuscripts via the web-based Editorial Management System provided by Brill Publishers (EMS). Please visit carefully consult our new instructions for authors posted there. EMS will automatically refuse manuscripts that do not strictly adhere to formatting requirements, including maximum word numbers for title and abstract. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience practical difficulties in the process of submitting new manuscripts.