The XXVI IUFRO World Congress will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on June 23rd - 29th, 2024. The IAWA-IUFRO Symposium titled “T5.16 IAWA-IUFRO Symposium: Advancing Methods and Applications of Wood Identification” is organized by Yafang Yin, Gerald Koch and Tereza Pastore. This IAWA-IUFRO symposium aims to present the most recent advances in methods and applications of wood identification for promoting a sustainable supply chain of forest products. Specifically, this session will focus on improving the research capacity of wood identification methods, establishing databases and integrating networks for wood identification, and providing applications adopted with effective technologies and tools for various scenes of wood identification.

The call for abstracts for IUFRO 2024 is now open at and will remain until June 2nd, 2023.

Lichao Jiao, China