The XXVI IUFRO World Congress was held in Stockholm, Sweden on June 23rd - 29th, 2024. During the congress, the IAWA-IUFRO Symposium titled“T5.16 Advancing Methods and Applications of Wood Identification”was moderated by Yafang Yin, Gerald Koch, Tereza Pastore and Emmanuel Ebanyenle on June 27th-28th. More than 60 representatives from over 30 related universities and research institutes attended this symposium. A total of 20 representatives from 14 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Paraguay, Romania, and United Kingdom, conducted 12 oral presentations and 8 poster presentations.

This IAWA-IUFRO symposium presented the most recent advances in methods and applications of wood identification, with improvement of research capacity in wood collection, wood anatomy, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, phytochemistry and databases establishment, for promoting effective conservation and sustainable utilization of forestry resources.

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Part of participants of IAWA-IUFRO symposium

Discussion in oral presentations of IAWA-IUFRO symposium

Poster presentations with short oral of IAWA-IUFRO symposium